But what is Art?

Here is a video that totally fails to answer that question.

The Big Heads

The Big Heads in Situ

The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth was an exhibition that ran at the Urunga Art Space as part of the OUTA event in the bellingenshire.  For the OUTA weekend the opening of the show featured 6 people clothed only in prints of themselves naked.  This was conceived and produced by myself and Adrienne Hmelnitsky

Here’s our statement:

“The Naked Truth aims to explore our response to nakedness in a clothed world, the different relationship we have to it in art, and art as a medium for expressing personal truths. Our opening night installation – The Wandering Nudes – was inspired by a polarised debate over public nudity, and aims to burst the bubble of that taboo. Visitors are encouraged to take photos with the “costumes” during the rest of the show.”

The gallery shows some of the still work exhibited, and the opening night event, both before and after the wanderers swapped “skins”


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