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Hello lovely people. Websites have a tendency to be out of date very quickly. That’s why I decided to build a site that only has my most recent work –Β  or at least that that I’ve got round to updating on flickr, youtube and sometimes facebook and instagram. Also the odd vague rambling.Β  It’s not necessarily my best work, but it is my current work, which is probably better to see (what if I peaked in 2010 😜?)


my most recent flickr pics


my most recent real estate vid on youtube

my most recent vid on my youtube channel


what do you mean, bright ideas?

When you look a creative person’s output there’s something you don’t see: how much of the final result they brought with them. And that’s quite hard to quantify without spending time and working with the person. The best a creative soul can hope for is that the viewer sees a common thread that weaves through someone’s work – whether it’s in photography, art, video, or macrame.

Meanwhile, in Facecbook Land…


Photography and videography

Gethin Coles, photomatographer & videologist.


6 months 1 week ago

It's a real estate video, but I just love this opening shot, and what a view. How lucky are we, to live here. Lucky Lucky Lucky.



6 months 2 weeks ago

I photographed some real estate up the hill at the end of the day. Had to grab some of he escarpment whilst I was there


8 months 6 days ago


9 months 1 week ago

Here's a vid I did for the council, to say a huge thank you to the selfless folks who give their time and energy every year. The list of organizations is immense: Australia literally wouldn't work without you! Thank you!

If you want to say thank you too, please share it or tag a volunteer! πŸ™‚



9 months 4 weeks ago



10 months 6 days ago

Front cover! The rest of it is quite good too πŸ˜†


10 months 3 weeks ago

My quick rough and ready vid for the council to tell visitors that as much as we love them, to please stay at home this Easter.

Share as much as humanly possible 😁



11 months 2 days ago

I never did get round to answering this question. Answers on a postcard...




11 months 4 days ago

This is my enormous head photo-collage portrait of Micklo. This was happily sitting in my studio, but now we're turning the space into a lockdown escape-the-kids study area for my Occupational-Therapist-to-be wife.

Does anyone want to borrow it? πŸ™‚

It's 2.4x1.2 metres. I thought it could go in a business or a big public space, but I guess there's not a lot of those around.


11 months 1 week ago

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